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Hair Cutting & Styling at Navidi Hair Company Salons, Bridgend

Whether you are looking for the latest on-trend haircut or an update on a classic hairstyle, at Navidi Hair Company salons in Bridgend, we pride ourselves on offering a first-class hairdressing service in a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

We have the skills and experience to leave you looking and feeling fabulous. Our talented team of stylists are fully trained in all the latest cutting techniques to deliver the perfect hairstyle for men and women of all ages.  

The Best Hair Cuts & Hairstyles Near You





A great hair cut can truly transform how you look and feel - so why not banish bad hair days forever and book an appointment at your nearest Navidi hair salon? You can contact your nearest Navidi Hair Company salon by clicking one of the links below or use our easy online booking system.

Bobs & Lobs

Bob haircuts, Bridgend hair salons

The bob and lob, or long bob, are classic one-length hairstyles which never go out of fashion!  They suit anyone, no matter what your age or personal style and have the advantage of being easy to maintain.  The classic bob is a short sharp look which rests just below the chin, with the lob usually sitting an inch or two longer. Other variations include the graduated bob, and layered bob   Your expert hairdressers in Bridgend can create the exact length and look you’re after.





Short Hairstyle Ideas

short hairstyles, bridgend salons, navidi hair company

Sleek short hair is always fashionable and it’s the perfect option if you need to save time on styling. There’s a wide range of short hairstyles available at Navidi Hair Company, and our expert hair stylists can help you choose and provide you with some styling tips to keep your hair looking great 24/7. The pixie crop remains a classic short hairstyle.  This chic look is always popular and can look sophisticated and classic or edgy depending on how you style it. Alternatively, the buzz cut is a seriously short crop but very cool. 

If you’ve got short hair, why not enhance it with an eye-catching colour?  Find out more about our hair colour services here.   Alternatively, if you’d like to add some length, but can’t wait for it to grow, you could consider adding hair extensions.  Find out more here.


Hairstyles with Fringes

fringe haircuts, bridgend salons

The fringe is a really simple way to update your style and there are so many different variations to choose from: full, blunt fringes, side-sweeping fringes, flicks and micro-fringes and the ever-popular "french girl fringe" to name but a few! Why not freshen up your look and book an appointment at Navidi Hair Company to get a fringe added?  Our stylists can advise on the look that would suit you best. 





Hairstyles for Long Hair

long hairstyles, bridgend salons, hair extensions bridgend

To make the most of your long hair it needs to be maintained and kept in top condition. Book in for regular trims to remove split ends and keep your hair looking sleek and you could consider one of our specialist hair smoothing and conditioning treatments. You can choose from Kerastraight or X-Tenso - two fantastic treatments to keep your long hair looking sleek and healthy.

If your long hair is particularly heavy you may like to add some layers to make it lighter and add movement.  Make sure you book regular appointments to keep your layers in check though, to avoid your hair looking limp and heavy.

There are so many hairstyles you can try if you have long hair.  You could wear it down and curly, straight or in a glamorous hair updo. Alternatively you could try an on-trend half-up half-down style or add some fashionable braids.  With long hair - the possibilities are endless!

Special Occasion Hairstyles

special occasion hairstyles bridgend

A special occasion calls for a special hairstyle from an experienced stylist. Whether you are going to a prom or perhaps a wedding or even the Christmas party, the hair specialists at Navidi Hair Company in Bridgend can help.  Whatever your personal style and hair type, there are plenty of special occasion hairstyles to choose from.  Our stylists can create classic hair upstyles, curly hairstyles intricate braided looks and more.





Choosing the Best Hair Cut for Your Face Shape

best haircuts, bridgend hair salons

It’s important to consider your face shape when creating the perfect hairstyle. The right hairstyle can really emphasise or play down certain facial features and characteristics. For example, the best haircut for a round face shape is a longer hairstyle or graduated bob which creates the illusion of more length and can balance out a rounder face shape. 

Long face shapes on the other hand, benefit from shorter cuts and bobs.  If you want to keep your hair long, then you could consider adding a statement fringe to widen the face and accentuate all your features.

If you are looking for a hair makeover, our team of expert stylists at Navidi Hair Company can advise you on a look that will suit your face shape, hair type and personal style and come up with a haircut which will really work for you.

Book Your Hair Cut or Style at Navidi Hair Company in Bridgend 

Feeling inspired by the fabulous range of haircuts and styles available at our top hair salons in Bridgend. To book in for your hair appointment or for more information, please call your nearest Navidi Hair Company salon by clicking one of the links below - or use our easy online booking system.