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Face Masks: Why Are They So Important?


Face Masks are incredibly popular for at home used for that extra special touch to your skin pampering routine.

Along with your daily creams, face masks are loaded with active ingredients. Their formulations usually include specific actives that help the main ingredients to be absorbed better and faster by the skin.

Applying a mask allows you to take time to focus on the health of your complexion with a product that addresses a particular concern, for example: hydrating, soothing, firming, and more. They exist in lots of different textures meaning you have a variety of exciting options to choose from such as a creamy, indulgent texture for hydration or firming, or a clay texture for addressing Oily / Combination skin types.

Face masks are an essential part of your routine if you want to really maximise all the hard work you put in to looking after your skin (and they are great for taking skincare selfies with too!)



Dreaming of achieving your skin goals? Face masks are a great way to work with and enhance the other products and serums you use. We recommend to apply your face mask after your Decléor cleanser and scrub, once or to twice a week in the evening. If you apply night creams or skin serums before sleeping, face masks will help your skin stay hydrated and help optimize the skin’s normal regeneration.

If you enjoy a Self Care Sunday (or whatever day works for you!) face masks are a must as they provide the skin with a concentrated & targeted treatment, plus they are lots of fun to put on and gives you that ‘at home spa’ feeling we all love from time to time.



We advise to always cleanse your skin first whichever mask you're using.

If using in the morning you should apply your mask (on cleansed skin) before the rest of your skin care routine and if using at night to get your skin ready for bed then use on cleansed skin and then follow your face mask with your normal night treatment. If the face mask is supposed to be left on overnight, apply it as the last step in your night time skin care routine.

We love applying our face masks with our fingertips. This means we can warm the product in our hands, but also massage our skin to create a relaxing and indulging moment.

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