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Stunning Hair Colour Results at Navidi Hair Company in Bridgend

Are you looking for the best hair colouring services in Bridgend? The team of creative hair colour technicians at Navidi Hair Company salons in Bridgend are masters at conjuring up beautiful hair colours, giving your hair more life and vitality. We are highly trained in all the latest hair colouring techniques at both our Brackla and Broadlands salons, including balayage, colour glossing, fashion hair colours and much more.

We are proud to stock Redken hair colours so that we can provide you with exceptional results every time. We even have a resident Redken Certified Hair Colourist who has an in-depth brand knowledge of Redken colour theory, the best formulations and hair colouring techniques to use.

Your Hair Colour Consultation at Top Bridgend Salons

If you have some questions about what hair colour service is right for you, a one-to-one hair colour consultation at our top salons in Bridgend is a good place to start. It allows us to talk you through hair colour options for you as an individual.

Your Navidi Hair Company Stylist will be able to talk you through the various hair colour results that can be achieved with professional hair colour application at our expert hair colour salons in Bridgend and Brackla. We will also explain the relevant hair colour techniques that will enable your hairdresser to achieve the final desired hair colour.

Sitting down with your Navidi Hair Company stylists will allow you to chat through your current hair colour, any desires or ideas for hair colours you would like to recreate and also a little about your home hair care routine.

The Hair Colouring in Bridgend at Navidi Hair Company Salons

What Hair Colour Services Do You Offer?

Whether you’re looking for permanent hair colour, semi-permanent hair colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage or you want to cover grey hair or you need urgent assistance with hair colour correction then you’re in safe, trusted and expert hands at Navidi Hair Company.

If you’ve made the decision to colour your hair, but are unsure which hair colour application method or technique is going to be right for you - read our handy guide on everything you need to know about hair colour below...

Babylights Bridgend Navidi Hair Co


Babylights are very fine, very white highlights that mimic the hair colour we used to have when we were children. Imagine a baby or young child’s fine blonde hair and you’ve got the picture! Perfect if you want a low maintenance hair colour.

Redken City beats Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Redken City Beats

Rock your boldest hair colour with City Beats at Navidi Hair Company. Our skilled team can create the edgiest vibrant shades inspired by the streets of NYC. Feel the energy, hear the beat and discover 14 stay-true hues that let you unleash your boldest look. This fantastic hair colour includes a no-mess cream formula for easy application and long-lasting semi-permanent results.

Balayage Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Bronde/Sombre Hair Colour

Bronde hair colour is a subtle blend of blonde and brunette tones. It offers low maintenance and a natural-looking dark blonde hair colour. Sombre is the latest colour trend that beautifully blends brunette and blonde a together to create a beautiful “soft ombre” effect. Due to bronde and sombre being such a natural looking colour, the hair colour experts at Navidi Hair Company advise trying this blonde and brunette combo if you’re feeling nervous about colouring your hair.

Shades EQ Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Shades EQ - Fashionable Hair Colours

Looking for a hair colour that isn’t permanent? With Shades EQ you can change your hair colour often and with a variety of stunning colours to choose from you will be spoilt for choice! Shades EQ delivers high quality hair colour whilst conditioning and adding shine to the hair at the same time. No matter if you want to freshen up your hair colour, cover gray,or you simply want to glossy locks – Shades EQ is perfect for you.

Redken Chromatics Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Redken Chromatics

Achieve 4 dimensional hair colour with the latest & inovative chromatics hair colour from Redken. With the ability to cover up to 100% grey your hair is left feeling stronger and conditioned.

Highlights and Lowlights Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are the most popular hair colour technique involving colouring small sections of hair and placing on strips of foil, separated strategically throughout the hair to create a multi tonal hair colour. Highlighting and lowlighting hair arguably produces the most natural looking hair colour but really the effects and possibilities are endless with this hair colour technique. If you wear your hair in upstyles you may want to consider full head foils rather than half head foils to ensure that the hair colour is even throughout, whatever way you decide to style your hair.

Full Head Hair Colour Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Full Head Hair Colour

Inject some life into your hair, improve your hair’s gloss, shine, colour and condition with an all over hair colour that will help balance your skin tone, make you appear more youthful and enhance your facial features.

Roots or Regrowth Hair Colour Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Roots or Regrowth

Nothing screams tired and dull looking than long outgrown roots! Ensure you book your hair colour appointments regularly to have your root regrowth coloured and keep your hair looking in optimum condition. Dark roots in particular with very light hair can really dull your skin tone. Keep your hair colour looking fabulous – bring your diary and make sure you book your next hair colour appointment before you leave the salon.

Balayage and Ombre Bridgend Navidi Hair Co

Balayage and Ombre

ou’ve seen your favourite celebrity rocking the most amazing new hair colour and you want to recreate it. Where do you start? With expert help from a Bridgend hair salon that is passionate and dedicated to staying ahead of the game when it comes to the latest hair colour trends and techniques! (Of course!).

Fixing Your Hair Colour Problems at Navidi Hair Company in Bridgend

If you've attempted to dye your hair at home and it isn’t the shade on the box, or have visited another salon and are unhappy with your hair colour results - we are here to help. Our team of experienced hair colour technicians will transform your hair colour and return it to it’s former glory. Click here to read more about the hair colour correction services we offer at our hairdressing salons in Bridgend.

Best Hair Colour Salon Reviews - Bridgend

Looking for the best hair colour salons in Bridgend? Read our best salon reviews to see why our clients rate us a top hair colour salon in Bridgend.

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